Freelancers can now relocate to Spain for complete year on digital nomad visa

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The complete details are yet to be furnished; however, the legislation is in final stages to allow one year stay to digital nomads who are not employed by any company inside Spain. It is also rumored that the visa would be renewable. The eligibility criteria for the digital nomad visa is that it is for non-EEA national employed by a company outside of Spain who can work remotely from home or abroad.

It is to be highlighted that EU passport holders are already allowed the right of residency and working from home in Spain without requiring a visa if their stay is under six months. The authorities are expected to reveal the complete information on the digital nomad visa in the ongoing month but experts say that a minimum threshold of income, non residency in the country in the last 5 years, proof of remote working and clean criminal record would make anyone eligible for the visa. Spain is amongst the hot favourite spots for travelers and once the visa for digital nomads is effective, it is expected to attract more workers from across the world.

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