Which countries allow dual citizenship with the United States

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More and more immigrants are seeking dual citizenship. In this case, the laws change in each country. Some allow multiple nationality and others request to renounce the nationality of origin to receive a second passport.
As to USAthe site Nuevo Herald explains that Until 1967, dual nationality was not allowed in that country. In any case, it is essential to find out the modality to request or maintain this status and not automatically lose the citizenship of the country of origin.
Dual citizenship in the United States
The grounds that allow dual citizenship for Americans who want to incorporate other passports are naturalization, marriage, descent, birth or investment.

European passports, highly requested by Americans since the pandemic.
One fact that the cited note emphasizes is that after the pandemic the number of Americans who applied for residency increased or citizenship through investment programs in Europe such as the Golden Visa, offered by Spain and Portugal.

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