Macau, Portuguese passports placed 36th, 6th in global ranking

Friday, January 13, 2023 –

Macau and Portugal passports have recently been ranked 36th and 6th respectively in a report from global entity Henley & Partners.
The annual Henley Passport Ranking is based on the number of visa-free destinations to which a passport can take its users. Visa-free includes visa-on-arrival and electronic travel authorization (eTA).
The Macau passport is ranked one place lower than last year at 36th with 144 visa-free destinations. The number of visa-free destinations remains unchanged.
The Portuguese passport has 187 destinations not requiring a visa, making it the sixth most user-friendly passport. Both the number of visa-free destinations and the ranking are the same as last year.
By contrast, the Hong Kong passport has 171 visa-free destinations and is ranked 19th. The Chinese passport has 80 visa-free destinations and is ranked 66th.
The Philippine passport has 67 destinations visa-free, putting it in 78th place. The Indonesian passport is ranked 75 with 71 visa-free destinations. The Nepalese passport is ranked 103 with 38 visa-free destinations.
The index has existed for 18 years. It evaluates 199 different passports against 227 travel destinations.

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