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All of us want to live in a place that is light on the pocket. However, even though such places are a dime a dozen, very few of them are safe or nice enough to reside in. As a result, the cheapest but nicest place to live in is ideally a combination of two indexes: global peace, and the cost of living. The best regions that are near the top in both indexes are South/Central America, Asia, and Europe.

Here are the 6 cheapest but Nicest Places to live in the world:


The economy of this Mediterranean country took a beating over the past few years. This meant that prices are nearly half that of other major European countries like France and the United Kingdom. On top of that, Portugal has stunning beaches, a warm climate, and seafood that is always fresh. Portugal has some of Europe’s most reputed facilities while also being safe. Ranked 4th on the Global Peace Index, it is one of the safest places to live in as well.


Vietnam’s offerings are diverse. From bustling markets to peaceful Buddhist pagodas, and from beaches to mountains, and everything in between, all of it can be found in Vietnam. Ranked 50th on the Global Peace Index, residents can live comfortably on a mere $1000 monthly budget. The top job for foreigners in Vietnam is being an English teacher. If people apply through the correct job placements and have right qualifications, then a monthly wage of $2000 is easy to get.


A country in South America that ranks just below Vietnam in the Global Peace Index (47th) is Uruguay. The 2nd smallest country in South America is a blast of culture – from the Carnaval to the tango on the streets. As for places to visit, it is filled with architectural remnants from when it was a colony as well as a lot of beaches to spend your off days on. Moreover, it is one of Latin America’s safest countries to live in while also offering reasonable rents. This country also has a strong demand for English teachers that have TEFL certification.


Malaysia is not just a tourist destination. It is also one of the cheapest and nicest places to live in. Its climate, friendly people, a low rate of crime, as well as cheap living expenses all combine to make it one of the best places to permanently live in. Moreover, English is the unofficial first language of the country which makes the language barrier a minor problem. Even in bigger cities such as Penang, the monthly living expenses of a couple will not exceed $1500. One just has to be in touch with the locals.


The South American country’s weather is almost always spring-like. It also has extensive public transportation which means one does not need cars. For only $500, people can also get a condo with a beautiful view too. Moreover, the country already has a very closely-knit community of expatriates. There are a host of hikes, art classes, trivia, dinner clubs, and games to take part in to spend your off time. If one lives frugally, monthly costs should be well under $1000, even including household help.


For our final recommendation, we return to Europe for its high standards of living. The cost here is comparatively higher than the rest on this list. But it is still much less than in countries like the United States. A little knowledge of Spanish is recommended to live comfortably in an area that is not frequented by tourists. However, the first-world residents will not have to sacrifice any of the amenities they are used to. Living costs are modest: in Madrid, one can get by spending $2000 per month.

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