Work Visas For Brazilians In Portugal

New Work Visas For Brazilians In Portugal Come Into Force This Sunday

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A number of changes to Portugal’s foreigners’ law will come into effect this Sunday (30th), including a new work visa for Brazilians and the opportunity to find work in the country within 120 days (with an extension of more than 60 days).

Mauricio Gonçalves, a lawyer specializing in immigration and Portuguese citizenship who has worked in Portugal for 22 years, says that a work visa can be requested in the country for any occupation, with the mandatory equivalent of a foreign university degree and professional registration. Restricted Occupations Order.

Gonsalves explains that Brazilians with criminal convictions of three years or more are not eligible for visas.

The visa must be applied for in the country of origin or legal residence of the interested person. To file an application, you must have a return ticket, health insurance and proven financial resources to stay in the country for the duration of your job search.


The pace of ordering is linked to a shortage of workers and a significant increase in the Portuguese aging population. According to figures from the Ministry of Foreigners and Border Services (SEF), this opportunity could further increase the immigration to the region of Brazilians, the main foreign nationality living in the country, and the total (29.3%) of Portugal’s foreign affairs.

This year, immigration has also been facilitated for Brazilians who wish to travel to the country Portuguese citizenship. In April this year, a change in Portugal’s nationality law recognized that speaking Portuguese was a sufficient bond for anyone wishing to apply for the document. Previously, it was necessary to prove an effective relationship with the country within the last five years, which greatly limited access to naturalization.

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